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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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2016 Presidential Election Results Thread Anonymous

File: 1477236305707.png (160 KB, 243x247)
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How can people still be making multiple zootopia generals that hit bump limit? Shouldn't everything be exhausted by now?
Zootopia generals are like 80% fan content, that's how.

It's to the point where we get whiny faggots who cry about it and make "pack street general" threads.

The canon content has been discussed to death, all that's left is fanart/fanfiction and OCs.
It hasn't even begun.
We're stuck on /ztg/ in order to try to fill the void in our hearts that was created when Zootopia ended. Zootopia is life.
the community is awesome and lots of fanart is being created.
In addition to the OCs and fanfiction, they also do a thing called "thematic thursdays" where they all vote on a specific theme (like Noir, for example) and then make lots of fanart/fiction based around that theme, and post it the following thursday, before voting on a new theme for next week.

But yeah, like the other anon said, a majority of the thread is "zootopia OCs" and fanfiction/fanart relating to them. People still draw canon characters, yeah, but there's also a shitload of popular OCs.
Fan of the fandom, my friend.
Fan of the fucking fandom.
Does it really count as being "fan of the fandom" if there's not much canon to be a fan of?

My understanding of "fan of the fandom" was someone who ignored canon stuff and only took part in fan works.

The deal with Zootopia is that everyone has already discussed the movie to death, so fan content is the only thing left to take part in.
>My understanding of "fan of the fandom" was someone who ignored canon stuff and only took part in fan works.
Pretty much everyone.
And you're right; They kind of have to do that without much canon content being released anyways.
That was my point.
And my point is that I don't really consider it "fan of the fandom" if the fandom is all that exists, for the most part. That and, nobody is really ignoring canon, we're just not actively discussing it because it's already been discussed to death.
File: ??????.jpg (35 KB, 341x354)
35 KB
>And my point is that I don't really consider it "fan of the fandom" if the fandom is all that exists, for the most part.
Even if fandom is the only thing that extsts, why would that stop anyone from being a fan of it?
Being a fan of one thing doesn't change depending on whether some other thing even exists.
I don't mean "fan of the fandom" literally.
They are just cancerous elitist small circlejerk threads.

Nice buzzwords. Enjoying your first day on 4chan?
If you ask for some thing, nobody replies.
They simply proceed to circlejerk between them about shit.
File: 1478809805636.jpg (459 KB, 1600x1200)
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459 KB JPG
Fanshit. Everyone foster an environment to create stuff and whatnot. Be it Judy and Nick stuff, be it of side characters, be it tangentially related stuff, be it related to Zootopia only as a setting, and even OCs.

That's surprising, maybe you asked on dead hours?
This. Every now and then I have a question actually pertaining to the story or some aspect of the movie, and I'm thinking "I know where to go! Surely the obsessive fans in the local Zootopia thread can answer my inquiry." But when I actually ask it in there it's mostly ignored.

It's become a hangout, with the theme loosely being zootopia.
I would recommend you to create a thread in /co/ for those questions. With some luck, you will create a discussion.
>But when I actually ask it in there it's mostly ignored.

What. What was ignored? Was it about how the message of the movie isn't actually about prejudice? Or was it about if Bellwether was actually racist against preds or not?

Honestly ask. In the real thread.
They were all posting. I suspect it is a group of those dedicated shitposter that use a special program where it shows their names but not in the board. Those just talk between them about stupid off topic shit.
I don't know why they even bother with trash.
Most people know each other, so your theory is already out of the window. Still, the fact you don't want to point out when or answer to >>6259202, I assume you're angry over getting ignored and wants to shit on the thread you barely know. Which is fair, it's not for everyone I guess.

/trash/ is the only place that allow this discussion, so I'm not sure why you're acting like we'd go anywhere else.
No wonder you would defend your small circlejerk if you are a member.
You should just put in the OP that nobody will talk about the movie in question and it is just a shitposting thread. You won't be banned here anyways.
And you still haven't answered the question.
Actually, people every once in a while bring back previous discussions of the movie, be it about the protagonists or the setting or even plot points/holes. Last few days there were talks about what actually happened in the three months period, regarding bellwether actual motivations, Judy having lucky rolls carry her through the whole movie, actual pred being attacked by people motivated by Judy's speech, etc. That's why I assume you posted on dead times. Saying we only talk about the movie is impossible, but so is saying nobody talks about the movie.

>No wonder you would defend your small circlejerk if you are a member.
It's not a circlejerk, and of course I defend it, you're relentlessly shitting on it while barely browsing the threads at all. Would you feel better if I just nodded and agreed with you, despite you being wrong?
At this point, it should be obvious that it's either Joker again, or a very salty latecomer that got their panties in a twist over someone not talking to them right away.
Joker is a common poster and he'd rather spam the thread, he got banned again right so if they were the same person the poster here would also have the posts erased. I think it's safe to assume it's not him. I don't intend to convince anyone to stay on the threads, but if I know what got someone angry I can at least prevent someone else feeling ignored, right now all I assume is that he posted on dead hours.
I asked about those fan-made comics that have been teased about over on ZNN. SFW ones, but that look pretty good. I think they're being hosted on one of those korean image boards, and I just asked if anyone knew of a more English-sites that hosted them.
Nigga it is an anonymous board not your fucking facebook
I go into threads and you fags are talking about random shit that doesn't even relate not even to trash (movies, vidya how you want to suck each others dick).
I know this is trash so I have no problem if you faggots just want to shitpost, but don't disguise as a zootopia thread. Just shitpost as something else to avoid confusion.
I have never been to ZNN, could you post an example of the comic?

Either way, your best chance to see if they are in English are over at e621 or (ironically enough) G.E./Exhentai.
Do you really wnat me to make a collage out of your fucking shitposting threads? not like it would matter cause you are gonna pretend it was all nit picked or some other excuse.
File: 52DGoCa.jpg (569 KB, 1024x914)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Not sure who the artist is, but they look fun. I'm looking for any decent fan comic that has a story. Lewd comics are fine every now and then, but I'd like to have some actual comics too.
Oh wow, they even posted that "morning after" one by Eric Shwartz. http://www.zootopianewsnetwork.com/2016/06/comic-awkward-call-by-eric-schwartz.html

I love how they rate it "PG-13", as if that'll cover up all of the implied passionate pred-on-prey humping they've obviously been doing all night long.
Try here. All of these should have a "Safe" rating.


But as for this particular comic/artist, sorry to say that I haven't seen this before or know who they are.
but if they make the tags match properly they will get less ad revenue because people will skip over the non porn shit and visit one less page
So now that you have been given a link to SFW Zootopia comics, are you going to delete this thread?
I'm not the one who made this thread. I was just commenting that it's okay for people to make alternative zootopia threads, because often the "real" zootopia threads aren't even really about zootopia.

Really though, why does it make you so angry that people would make other threads?
What I'll never understand is Why the 1s on non-worksafe boards have so little porn on them.
File: IMG_3093.png (80 KB, 270x285)
80 KB
But /co/ hates everything remotely furry

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