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File: 1488167973988.png (402 KB, 1440x2560)
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is zootopia /ourkino/ ?

He's on to something

But blacks aren't the predators, whites are- since whites are being constantly reminded of slavery (or predation) and "past sins"
File: 1478580484629.gif (607 KB, 300x169)
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607 KB GIF
This, the herb eating faggot gay bunnies and shit are the minorities . Predators hold all the power, they're the white people.

>Tfw when nick BLEACHED a literally jungle bunny
whats the most /pol/ animal? i say the yellow throated marten. hardcore motherfuckers who kill nu-mammals
ProtoZoot was some real /pol/ Kino
>another jewish-made film that indoctrinates another generation of children to have furry fetishes
File: modern germany.jpg (471 KB, 1066x1600)
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471 KB JPG
I was able to enjoy the movie a lot more by pretending that was meant to be the theme.
File: 7424885.jpg (95 KB, 500x500)
95 KB
This, or alternately, a snake.

Apparently the movie was going to have the predators forced to wear shock collars as a part of the predator-prey truce, and the entire story revolved around the harshness of the collars from the perspective of the fox.

The idea was removed and the story re-focused on the bunny to make it more (((optimistic)))

Hell, apparently there is a scene out there of a birthday party where they strap a collar onto a child bear where it begins to zap the shut out of him for getting over-excited

Probably the writers leaked a little too many red-pills in the movie that got scrapped.

>Be superior, and conquer as it is your nature
>Show compassion
>eventually you're forced to show compassion by force
>It's still not enough
In zootopia everyone is a "marginalized" minority.
>token bunny
>untrustworthy foxes.
>doormat prey
>dangerous predators

Foxes are more indicative of sleazy used-car salesmen than blacks.

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