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File: 1462104517282.jpg (237 KB, 1196x1200)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Can we get a dad day deals thread going on?

All I've got so far:

MidwayUSA is having some sort of sale on certain branded things

Freedom Munitions is having free shipping again (time to buy another 1000 rounds of 9mm)
File: image.jpg (38 KB, 228x221)
38 KB
>mfw I see the op pic
File: c40.png (14 KB, 625x582)
14 KB
Holy fuck that book cover opens some wounds up
Im sorry your parents did that anons.. hugs
File: PeterRabbit8_1.jpg (7 KB, 156x168)
7 KB
What the fuck I don't come to /k/for feels
File: mrroggers.gif (1.8 MB, 282x257)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
mfw my parents never divorced
> that pic
Wtf OP. I never had a dad, and i feel that Divorced parents is worse. I got the feels, not for me, but for those with divorced parents...
File: FB_IMG_1466285620621.jpg (33 KB, 874x664)
33 KB
Omg im glad my dad isnt a fox i would be too tempted...
Boy, am I glad my parents never divorced. That shit has to be traumatizing to a kid.
Wow, I might actually be going through with something like pic-related.

Damn. I can't even think of deals because of that...
My folks divorced when I was like 13 and fucking already socially retarded and weird. It wasn't pretty.

Divorce story thread?
My dad was never around. Mom made him out to be a jerk but I learned later on he was actually a pretty good dude. Still haven't met him though

>feels bad man

Will feel a little better when I wake up tomorrow and get a card scribbled haphazardly by my 4 year old boy.
File: 1463547033276.jpg (52 KB, 960x895)
52 KB


be a good dad anon

for us all
File: 1391805800258.jpg (178 KB, 680x796)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
That hurt more than it should have.

Divorced when I was 11 here

there was a bit of drinking involved...
File: I get bored.png (952 KB, 1196x1200)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
File: 1453809914771.png (440 KB, 633x758)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
>Parents divorces
>Dad joins UN troops and gets PTSD
>Comes home and his car gets hit by a semi
>He can't remember I'm his son and thinks im just the friendly young man down the street who walks his dog when he can't
hello darkness my old friend.MP3
>Dad died two years ago

I think I'll just stay in bed tomorrow.
File: now we wait.png (847 KB, 753x706)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
HAH, suckers.

I never had to deal with any of that "divorce" bullshit as a kid.

My dad kill himself rather than watch mom take both his house and us.
File: me.png (490 KB, 1597x1905)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
All these anons triggered by Father's Day and then there's me home from the hospital today with an adorable firstborn daughter just in time for the best Father's Day ever.

Can't wait until she's about 7 and I can start teaching her to use a BB gun.
My parents divorced when I was about two or three years old, so I don't really remember them ever being together aside from some really vague memories of shouting. I live in Washington now, and my father is in BC. Could be worse I guess, but I never see him and like all divorced parents, all they ever tell me about the other is hateful shit
>weekends with dad
Better than you entire childhood with random men
Well, this is explains why /k/ is eternally butthurt

The board of broken families
Tfw my parents never divorced and I'm married with children
It was the same for me except that I live in Maine
smdh tbqh fampai
parents divorced in '98. Last pic I saw of my dad was on the active warrants page of the local Sheriffs dept. Fucker sold my grandfather's shotgun so good riddance.

well shit
Wow there's already a Zootopia 2?

El oh el
Divorced at about 15, but before that 10 years of fighting. Father basically neglected everything and mentally tortured mother. When you have to stay up nights to prevent my mother from killing herself when I was 12-13 didn't really help my social growth at all. I am envious for anons with either no father or family that is whole.

OP can go fuck himself, I didn't come here for feels.
Congratulations anon. Be a good father and make us proud.

my sides
File: 1458428387518.png (196 KB, 500x500)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>nick gets cucked
>parents divorced and mom moves to the States
>other men become my father figures
>finally see my biological father
>he's a deadbeat with more bastards
Now do I realize that most of my friends were sperm donations too, no wonder we're all fucked up.
File: The_sound_of_silence.png (438 KB, 500x549)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
Fuck dude that's depressing.
>parents divorce when im 8
>they sit me down on the couch
>one on either side
>they give me the news
>i start bawling
>they tell me i have to decide who I'm going to live with
>right then
>i try to go to my room, but they won't let me
>i have to decide
>my dad says you can pick whoever you want
>my mom says pick me
>mfw i pick her, but i wanted my dad

>weeks later, before the divorce was final
>i tell my dad i want to live with him
>we tell mom
>she threatens suicide unless i stay with her
>cops get called
>cops can't do anything because she's a civilian
>somehow i end up still with her

Fucked me up, man.
Your parents are assholes....
I feel sorry for you man.
>He thinks that's asshole behavior for divorcing parents
Anon, being a child in a divorce is like being a third world nation in a proxy war between the US and USSR.
>mom and dad aren't together by time I'm born
>mom starts dating another guy when I'm about 3
>guy pushes dad out of the picture (didn't take much)
>new dad, things are fine
>get little brother
>mom and new "dad" get married after a few years
>things are fine for a few more years
>parents divorce when I'm in 5th grade
>messy divorce, "dad" gets violent with mom and I'm powerless
>mom starts dating new guy and I'm very suspicious
>brother and I are going with his dad, my "dad", for usual every other weekend, maybe once a week
>things continue for another year and a half, fairly happy
>at "dad's" house one day
>he tells me that he isn't my father and never wants to see me again
>brain and heart are destroyed
>mom eventually marries guy she was dating
>he's pretty cool, more of a father than the other two combined
>another brother and sister
>I'm still emotionally damaged and can't trust people
>turn to drugs in high school
>continue for another 11 years
>doing better now
>still fucked up though
almost same as me

>be 11
>tell me to decide
>say dad
>mom starts crying, guilt trip, whole 9 yards
>change to mom
>doesn't matter anyway because courts decide not children
>see him every other summer
>turn 16 want to move with dad
>mom says no
>insert young teen high on hormones rage
>"run away" to dads
>mom tells me to come back
>"fuck you bitch I'm old enough to decide"
>cops have to remove me from dads
>dad goes back to court to fight custody for me
>court "lol nope.avi"
>raises his child support payments probably as a final fuck you
>court and lawyer fees probably around $10k
>turn 18 move in with dad because legally adult nao
>dad dies before 19th birthday
>mom tries to guilt trip her way into my inheritance
took about 11 years before I became halfass on speaking terms with her again

didn't even get a chance to really get to know the old man
feels pretty bad man
>all of these broken families

Better you than me :)
File: goteking.png (305 KB, 500x579)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
>parents never split
Anon I'm starting to think your mom is just a slut.

Lets celebrate lads
Damn, anon.
I came here expecting 40 gun deals...
You wouldn't know it by how uptight and prudish she is today. She did shit me out when she was 18, but since then she's most likely only been with those two dudes... probably part of her attitude problem.
I'll join that celebration, but even though my parents stayed happily married I still felt the touch of divorce--got picked as a target by a classmate whose parents were getting divorced while in elementary school, which kind of fucked me over socially even into early high school since he got the whole class to see me as an easy target to shit on and being the new kid already made me not super close with any of them. By the time I got to middle school I was already awkward. Took another move for me to start fixing myself and a few years after before I could fit in naturally with folks my own age.

The poison from divorce just spreads and spreads. I'll just fucking homeschool my own kids and keep them away from that bullshit (not to mention the awful excuses for education that are the public schools).
File: abstract feel.jpg (56 KB, 636x640)
56 KB
>mfw my parents never divorced and my dad is just on the missing persons list
File: image.jpg (21 KB, 185x338)
21 KB
Not splitting can be worse than splitting, anons.
>You will never liberate a Nork QT with your freedom boner during Korean War II
Never have I heard such a better explanation for what divorce is like.
Did your dad go missing on some clandestine CIA black op? Or is your mom some kind of crazed assassin and destroyed his body?
[spoiler]or did he just get drunk and leave ;_;[/spoiler]
I was too young to understand at the time, but the way my mom and family friends described it, he started talking about aliens and shit. One day he just never came home.
Your dad fell into a hooker
conformed for alien hybrid
>yfw your dad was an ayy lmao who went back to his planet
My mom and dad divorced when i was 8 or 9 I think. Things were rough but they remained good friends. To this day, they lend each other tools and talk a lot on the phone.

I live 4 hours away and don't get to see either of them nearly enough.
Anon, I'm not saying it was aliens...

>but it was aliens

>Weekends with Dad
>Not Weekends with Mom

Fucking worthless society.
Just so you know.... Aliens and ufos and shit.. It's all real. We're not alone. And no, I'm not your father.
File: What_if_Machine.jpg (56 KB, 690x535)
56 KB
>all of these people talking about their parents splitting up
>the only thing I know about my father is the information on his sperm donor paperwork
>my mother's career and marriage had been ruined by her schizophrenia long before me or my sister were born
>by the time I was 8 years old, me and my sister had been taken out of the house by CPS twice
>she died of colon cancer when I was 19
>literally never have family troubles
God damn, That picture triggered /k/.

>be only child
>ten years old my parents tell me they're splitting
>I say "how dare you do this to me"
>see dad a few times but it's always strange
>then get suddenly moved far away for reasons
>don't know where dad is
>half convinced he's dead, doesn't contact
>finally get fucking postcard that he's on his honeymoon
>rage briefly, make mission to move in with him and new wife
>persistent af, becomes reality, but second wife doesn't want me
>wants her own kid and not some copy of her husband
>kicked out to grandmothers
>grandmother doesn't like me either, back to mom
>mom's a fucking loon, run away
>dad disappears again, happy to be rid of crazy kid
>spend years in shelters and literal lunatic christian foster homes
>abused in all kinds of ways
>mom remarried, briefly move back in
>she's disavowed all prior life and is now 100% new guy and crazier than ever
>fuck this leave again
>she takes off to parts distant and unknown
>routinely abuses me via phone
>get sick of that shit tell her to fuck off
>don't speak to her for 10 years
>get sick have surgery
>aunt asks if she should tell her, vicodin makes me agree
>a conversation here and there but nothing substantial
>she's too much of a liberal blaming everything on fantasy mental illness to take responsibility for shit
>after another ten years she finally gets the fucking hint and doesn't email first
>neither do I

However I did get back together with my dad. Saw him and gave it to him with both barrels, told him what kind of a fuck-up he was, enumerated my abuse, etc. He took it like a man, but did attribute some of his behavior to alcohol. Still he took responsibility.

Cunt step-mother wanted to see me on her farewell tour, knowing she had cancer of the everything. I told her to fuck off too. She's dead.

tl;dr divorce fucks up only children
File: TFW2.jpg (89 KB, 500x484)
89 KB

>TFW your mom died when you were 8
>Ended up not living with dad anyway
>Concerns about my well-being despite his life being a fucking trainwreck at that point
>"Fuck you, son-in-law, your boy is living with my ex wife" says grandpa

Fucking shit bitch ass dick cunts
Dude, that's fucked
>>abused in all kinds of ways
how many kinds of ways are we talking


>put in smart kid's class for historic reasons
>still get straight As
>told was trying too hard and not paying attention to "growth with the Lord"
>pulled out of classes
>intillectualism is work of the devil


>held down and hit with a belt because I had a book they didn't like
>told to not eat because I had to atone for sins
>ate maximum of one meal a day
>truth is they were dirt poor and didn't want to pay for extra food


>atheist going in, based father didn't believe in such shit
>played along to get food
>started fucking believing, believe it or not
>that is when they started beating me

Also you're probably looking for sexual abuse. Yes, there was. No, you're not going to get it from me you sick fuck. >>>/adv/ for that

Christ, Anon.

Just. . .fucking Christ on a cracker.

You know I wish that I had been swallowed whole by the Catholics or something and then I would have been living a cloistered existence all of this time. Nice and safe. But no. Thrown to the wolves.

You survived, I suppose there's that.

Eh. I don't think about it much. I feel more for my dad than for myself. He was assraped by hospital bills, since I broke my fucking leg right after my mom died.
Literally an army of bastards
W-wait I didn't really understand the last part. Who you live with is not your Dad? Your grandpa's ex? Who was a son in law?

My grandfather (mom's dad) took my dad to court in a custody battle for me, and the outcome of it was that I had to live with my grandmother (divorced from grandfather).
File: cadian-blood.jpg (67 KB, 514x651)
67 KB

>Parents divorce when I was 6.
>Made to live with my mom.
>She gets a new boyfriend.
>They both treat me like shit, both verbally & physically.
>Mom talks shit about my father being a deadbeat & not paying child support. That's why I don't get new clothes/shoes that fit or don't have stains/holes in them.
>My dad had me put the money order in the mailbox for child support so i knew he was paying it.
>End up being molested by moms brother and cousin.
>Have to stay till I turn 13.
>Dad finally gets custody
>Life is great for 2 years.
>Dad gets injured and has to get disability.
>Have to start working after school
>5 yr of fighting for his disability he wins.
>I start college
>His health had gotten very bad.
>Have to drop out because he needs constant care.
>Care for him till he passed away this valentine's day.
File: DSC_0084.jpg (3.83 MB, 3840x2160)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
>tfw parents are together
>tfw lgs had a sale on Benelli's
>tfw going clay shooting with Dad tomorrow
Parents divorced when I was 5. Last memory with my dad was going bow hunting. Saw him at my grandmas funeral 15 years after the hunting trip, and two years ago he died.
Damn i came here looking for deals? Anyway
>be 11ish? Parents relationship been a bit rough, for a while arguing etc.
>parents divorce, mostly love with mom cause dad can only get small apartments and there's 3 of us
>have dinner several times a week, occasionally spend night on weekend, but not really equip for school nights (clothes, computer, 3 beds in 1 bedroom bit tight notmexican.jpg
>occasionally they argue when we're getting picked up/dropped off... outside where potentially people can see/hear(now I think it was better so no one would call cops in fear? They'd never get violent) but super embarrassing to me drama bs "let's fucking go stop yelling!" "Were not yelling!" "Yes you ARE"
Luckily no courts bs I don't think they bothered with that shit, dad payed whatever but if he was short my mom understood, but sometimes bills would be tight (for both).
Was rough but wasn't as bad as some stories. As anon said sometimes better if they spilt. There on pretty good terms now actually, some times borrowing stuff w/e

No, I was legitimate. My genealogical organization paperwork says so.
Shit, dude.
Ohhh got ya, that's odd? I might have got it if that was second to last

College isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly now when a college degree is the equivalent of high school in any europoor country.

You have done something few do which is to take care of a parent. You can take great strength from that. I swear you have a few saints looking over you just to be alive.
File: 1459823420106.webm (2.04 MB, 1266x530)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB WEBM

Startup businesses with Dad!
File: download (1).jpg (9 KB, 239x211)
9 KB
Oh forgot to add a big issue for me was for a while after divorce my dad would just absolutely shit talk my mom, which I'm site you guys can imagine can mess with a kid (maybe some of you have seen that thing on Facebook mentioning that "your kids are part of each or you, bad talking other parent make them feel bad" or whatever) found it pic related. But yeah Dad doesn't do that anymore... Wish he got over it sooner. Got him a psa melonite AR juuust after the shooting
Tfw it was backordered they day after ordering and it comes Monday
File: 654077.png (108 KB, 800x800)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>this thread
I feel your pain, anon. You perfectly explained it. It's just a poison that keeps on spreading its spite and bitterness. Fuck no fault divorce. It destroyed the family.
>dad gets 2/7 days
>what to expect
File: image.jpg (44 KB, 286x225)
44 KB
16 yrs. My parents have divorced recently. But that's just because they live in different cities >600 km away. They are on a nice terms. Nothing essentially changed from my viewpoint. They still love each other, but they just have different jobs.

What about you, anons? Got any happy divorces?
File: 1464608311441.jpg (39 KB, 767x488)
39 KB
My parents never broke up, but they were a hair away and luckily my moms experience with divorce kept me and my sis safe.

>my mother is a bipolar loon
>my dad is a mostly cool guy, but he cheated on my mom for years so I have a part of me that hates him
>they hate each other for years but finally normalize when I reach junior year
>tfw going shooting with both my parents and teaching them to love guns

I'm so glad my mom put up with my dad and tried to salvage the relationship. Divorce is nasty, it's fucked too many friends of mine over.
>Also you're probably looking for sexual abuse.

Nope, I was actually more interested in what you had to say about the other sides of it.

>pulled out of advanced classes that you fucking deserved to be in
Do you know, this is the part that makes me rage the hardest. Not that any of the other aspects aren't terrible, but this gets to me down in the marrow.
Honestly you might be better off avoiding all that college debt and getting a welding, plumbing, or other trades education for much cheaper.

Glad to hear you weren't entirely fucked out of spending time with him. Sorry for your loss.
Damn I didn't try alcohol until like 14. I'm 20 now couldn't imagine being married too.
If anon famly is pic related than yes.
Damn son.
That's the plan. So far even though it's a lot of no sleep and extra chores being a father is awesome.

Yeah that's what happened, a white mishmash and a pureblood Korean. Was a great decision (even if /pol/ would hate me for it).
>go figure, when the baby looks white
I have a good job now making about 50k soon to double, when I get my next promotion to A-man operater, but I still want to finish my mech. eng. degree for my father. I loved that man, but until he was on his deathbed, I never really knew him. Turns out when my parents divorced he remade himself so he would have a better chance of getting custody of me. My dad was a long hair/beard, pot growing/smoking, whiskey drinking, gun toting badass. Think Hunter S. just more redneck.
I just wish he didn't have to change who he was just to have me.
>I just wish he didn't have to change who he was just to have me.
Obviously he thought you were worth it. Never forget that.
File: image.jpg (66 KB, 590x826)
66 KB
>this thread
File: 1464936979668.jpg (36 KB, 604x397)
36 KB
>huge portion of /k/ comes from broken families

That explains the Russia fascination on this board...
lol fucking ITT millennials without nuclear families. sucks to be you
> that pic
I like how this book is making light of a situation like this. Fuck man.
> be 3
> brother is 4, older brother is like 5
> dad is bipolar and likes to yell if something is wrong
> mom had it, take me and brothers and some furniture and clothes and gtfo
> divorce
> gotta see dad every other weekend
> 16 plus years of going to visit him for a whole weekend, he lives in hometown close to my hometown
These towns in iowa are kinda not populated
> during years, he's in the national guard, builds his own house, marries someone else, and has 2 children of his own
> as I get older, he tells me what a bad woman mom is
> too afraid to tell him wrong, even to this day
> last year I didn't have to go to his house for weekend since I graduated high school
> go visit him, help him with stuff and just talk because he's my dad

Oldest brother hasn't seen him in a year, and everytime my other brother and I tell him to he just shrugs it off. Mom and other husband are getting divorced so I just moved into a small house with my brother, mother, and I.

Divorce is a fucking joke. I wish there were laws that had couples go to counseling or something if they want to split, for the sake of children. All it does is take money from one person and fuck's up relationships with child-parent
I know your father would be proud of you. Try and be happy, Anon, for him.
>mfw im the only one out of all my friends who has parents that stayed together
File: FB_IMG_1465344555830.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
> inna Florida section 8 housing
> parents divorce when I'm 3
> mom has primary custody
> remarried an abusive man at 6
> abused physically and mentally for 6 more years
> dad remarries when I'm 7
> physically and mentally abusive woman
> abused by all 4 of my parental figures
> mom divorces stepdad at 12, enters treatment for emotional and mental issues
> emerges much more level headed and is now a wonderful woman
> stepdad had been abusing her too, threatened to kill her& us if she tried to leave or get him arrested
> live with her until age 16
> dad asks me to live with him in North Carolina
> says stepmom got treatment
> offers better life, more financial stability, better schools
>Greensboro, NC
>Ben L Smith High School
>99% nig
>step mom takes my cell phone on day one so I don't "slander" her to my mom
>Dobby the House elf until age 18
>call dad a piece of shit and demand he take me back to Florida
>"whatever makes you happy, Anon."
>during the drive he lets slip that the only reason I'm being allowed to leave is because SHE wanted me gone
> live with mom until 21
> move to Minneapolis
> call and visit mom regularly
> haven't visited dad in 7 years, call only on holidays and his birthday
> Dad still with step mom, is totally cucked by her
> lives with his two 20+ y/o stepmanchildren and an autistic grandchild
> begs me to visit
> refuse, say he's more than welcome to visit ME, but only if he leaves step mom in NC
> he's passed on this for 6 years
> he'd rather not be away from the cunt that drove both of his sons away from him for a week than visit alone

> occasional pangs of regret, consider visiting
> remember the years of abuse
>not this time, Satan.
Damnnn son das sad idk maybe do a stealth visit and just see him? Find another reason to vacation nc and swing by, you/he'll only have so many years left
>dad dies
God dammit.

Common ground.

Who'd a thought.

>parents have it rough
>threaten to divorce
>I scream at them and tell them I'm leaving if they do
>my dad says fine
>kills himself 2 months later

Yeah, I feel pretty shitty about that

>mom divorces dad when i was a tike.
>meth head boyfriend goes without meth to diaper my ass.
>watch him struggle to be a normie.
>mom gets a new bf after a relapse.
>he kills himself.
>world keeps turning.
>aunts newest bf takes on role while I am teen.
>Years go by.
>he is in pain from oldman-itis
>kills himself.
>reflect on life.
>I'd guess i'd kill myself too if I had to deal with me.
>avoid real father in fear he kills himself.

>>avoid real father in fear he kills himself.

Does he have problems?
If not, maybe you should go back?

Yeah, emotional pain sucks and it's hard to attach yourself to someone who might die, but at least you have a father left, anon
At least you have an option

so does he.
who's he
File: get well soon.png (858 KB, 1025x746)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
I never asked for this feel
>Bio father is a drunk jobless shitter. Haven't seen him in years.
>Step father is a based country man. Helped raise me from 10 years old to now and treated mom right.

I feel nothing looking at this.

Occasional cuck joke aside, I love my stepdad to pieces. I pulled 2 years worth of saving Cabelas points and a favor or two to get him this for about $400.


my father.

He's a good dude. A better one with us not talking.

He doesn't call me either, and I'm okay with it.
File: fuckthisshit.png (13 KB, 707x228)
13 KB
Don't need these feels right now
I refuse to feel anything
File: 1463411970059.png (273 KB, 424x600)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>Parents divorced sixteen years ago
>Still can't stand one another
>Invite both to meet my boat when I came back from deployment, both say they will be there.
>Ombudsman gave them the date when the time came, apparently both saw their email addresses on the CC
>Pull up to the pier and climb up topside to find them in the crowd as the crew's families meet them
>Search for half an hour
>Nobody came

A few guys from the boat took me out and I ended up having a good time anyway. They've been a second family to me so the snub didn't hurt as much as it would have otherwise, but still.
>A better one with us not talking.

How do you know
And you swore to never speak to your two worthless parents again, right?

We understand each other like only a father and son can.
I'm sorry for your loss. Little late but a child can decide which parent to live with at the age of 13, at least that's how it works in California. Both me and my brother went to live with our dad when we turned 13. My Mom couldn't do a single thing to stop it.
Family divorced when I was 14, but my mom degraded into a short, fat sack of disgusting shit who ended up being extremely lonley, and my dad for some fucking reason regardless of having a new 8/10 girlfriend, still decided to frequently visit me and my mom and she was desperate for attention despite her being the one who initiated the divorce, so it was kind of like they never divorced at all.
sometimes i wonder if my girl friend is a complete whore
File: 1453364542323.png (48 KB, 500x500)
48 KB
I've become a better man from my experiences and I wasn't about to let them drag me down to their level by ignoring them. I didn't completely forgive them right off the bat either, mind you.

I let them know what I thought they did was petty and to sort things out between themselves if they ever wanted me to ever take leave and come back.

They're still not friendly but they're not at one another's throats and my leave is building up again.
File: 1466037691424.jpg (9 KB, 226x225)
9 KB
>be me 10 years ago
>be 14, socially awkward and lonley
>on birthday, wake up happy as shit
>nobody is home
>spent hours alone, horribly depressed, regardless of all the gifts that were left
>none of my friends came or even remembered

Turns out, they divorced on my birthday, which was why I was alone all day, and my brother couldn't call out of work to be there for me.

Fuck you OP why did you have to bring that memory back ):
I have a camo M2 field. I'm not the biggest fan of the camo, but I shoot 80-90% accuracy with it. It's my go-to for everthing from doves to geese. The only other shotgun I've as well is my 20g Citori

If this is your first time shooting a M2, you're in for a treat. Have fun with your dad.
File: 1462564475267.gif (889 KB, 400x300)
889 KB
889 KB GIF
Nope, fuck this thread I'm not gonna have another /k/ induced suicide attempt from triggered feels
File: 1463233584727.jpg (42 KB, 800x587)
42 KB
Seriously, fuck you man. That's the exact fucking book they had me read back in second grade. God damnit. I didn't need this.
>That's the exact fucking book they had me read back in second grade.

literally why
>but he cheated on my mom for years so I have a part of me that hates him
I know this feel.
>he marries the other woman
>sees his new family weekly, whereas he sees me only a couple of times a year
>showers them in gifts, I lived in squalor until adulthood
>had the gall to get upset last year that I didn't call on his birthday or Father's Day. After he had already forgotten my birthday
>when he is in town sometimes he "forgets" to invite me to the family gathering
Sometimes I wish he would "forget" every time. It just makes the next token effort twice as awkward.
Jesus.. Sorry bro.
File: 1436409556909.jpg (47 KB, 369x368)
47 KB
>white mishmash and a pureblood Korean
Congrats. You have just created my mom, grandpa.
Obama education. No child Left behind, even though they are technically two grades behind. I was reading Nate The Great novels in my 2nd grade.
File: 1461815992054.png (12 KB, 572x776)
12 KB
Fuck you guys

I came on this thread looking for fun deals but instead I get fantastic flashbacks to my traumatic childhood

that's a rare thing nowadays

it's sad
Its shit like this why I'm not ever having children or getting married.

I'm scared anon

so scared of having kids and it ends up I'm a terrible dad

that's my greatest fear in life
being worse dad than my dad was
That anon, is why you should be a dad

They were dumbasses. The only way they were qualified to be a foster family was through a private Christian agency. One never graduated from high school, and the other one managed to but barely.

I was being a bad example to the rest of the kids as well, since I (ack) actually enjoyed studying. It was a good escape too.

>come to church with us!
>uh no have to read Julius Caesar for the 15th time
>school you know!

It was a crappy school district to begin with, poor white trash with only a few accelerated classes. But I was in all of them. Imagine what happened when I went to a real school. I should have been held back but I had already missed a year by being in halfway houses and on the run.

Jokes on you, /k/. My parents never married.
>>Dobby the House elf until age 18

You know the foster family literally put me in a makeshift room under the stairs.

At least Harry Potter had a real door.
women are cunts m8
it gets better bro
File: 5916233.jpg (27 KB, 250x295)
27 KB
mfw my parents never divorced despite utter mutual hatred
>like all divorced parents, all they ever tell me about the other is hateful shit
not all
File: 1457309910370.jpg (160 KB, 566x677)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Why can't people get along nowadays? Also, what's with the romanticism of promiscuity and not getting married that seems to be prevalent today? To me, nothing sounds better than finding a cute, nice girl, dating for a couple of years, getting married, and raising a son. That should be every man and woman's end goal. Why on Earth do people either not want to have a family or have kids with someone they don't wholeheartedly get along with? I would never want to put a woman and child through that shit, man. Today's world is crazy.
File: 1462424375740.jpg (586 KB, 600x1200)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
>Mfw I never knew my father and my mom died last October
Feels like I'm 100% alone in the world f.a.m.
Stay strong anon. Success is the best revenge.

It'll get better senpai. We're honestly looking to organize and the election will be the perfect time to do so.
Life is not what it use to be.

Life for most of human existence was extremely brutal, infant mortality was 50% just a few hundred years ago and most people lived hard brutal lives. But here is the thing that is what the human condition has been evolved to deal with. When things are hard it brings people together like nothing else. Just look at hunter gather communities, they share a level of bond with each other most of us in modern societies never experience on any level. Just think of how bonds form in war between soldiers sleeping in the cold and hiding in dirt holes.

Now food is plenty, we all have options people developed self destructive habits. In a way things are so much easier today but also new even harder since new challenges are arising.
You were the reason. He hates your mother.
The first time I saw the thumbnail I thought it would a nice children story about activities and hobbys you can have with your father like fishing or baseball
But then all my optimism and good feelings are gone

Are you a boybunny?
File: sadchirno.jpg (45 KB, 500x492)
45 KB
>Parents divorced when I was ~6
>Always had good relationship with my dad, even though we rarely talked
>Helped me fix my car whenever I needed help
>Got me interested in funs

>He'll be gone 3 years this September
File: 1393793987695.png (80 KB, 293x416)
80 KB
mfw my parents also never divorced

and they actually kind of like each other too.
>nothing sounds better than finding a cute, nice girl, dating for a couple of years, getting married, and raising a son. That should be every man and woman's
Haha what are you, gay? Gotta crush pussi bro
so much for a dad day deals thread.
File: Heckler & Koch VP9.jpg (2.27 MB, 3769x2000)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG

I'll have to buy that one too.
Them trying to get a loan from prey and seeing what the 'shock collars' did to them would have been a depressing as fuck movie.
What the fuck?
Why is this normal? Is society so damn fucked up that it's usual that your father or family member goes to jail when you are still a child?
Gibe de pusi b0ss
>Father is a near replica of Clay, Orels father, guns, closet case and all
>Cheated on mother with someone in Boston, had a kid, and married my mother
>Beats the fuck out of me growing up pretty consistently
>Finds out I'm gay, beatings resume
>Turn 18, now 6'1 to his 5'4
>Snap one night and choke him out
>Turns into manlet cuck of the year after that
Well I guess Violence is the answer
File: 1439985020120.jpg (47 KB, 327x303)
47 KB
Well duh, silly.
Violence is and was always the answer
Only liberals say otherwise
Iowafriend. What towns are involved?
File: 1465897097019.jpg (84 KB, 960x960)
84 KB
I know that feel.
Me too. Drunken dad. Not violent though, just enough to spoil all our holidays in family.
>Well I guess Violence is the answer
Violence is not the answer, it is a question. Your father asked the question and you answered accordingly.

My sons is 3 days old today Happy Fathers Day!
>buy 2150 total rounds from freedom like 2 months ago with free shipping deal
>Ups and my apartment office team up to lose the package
>After the whole claims process ups is reimbursing freedom for the package who will send a replacement
>Been calling/emailing just about every day trying to get ahold of someone at freedom
>Literally have not gotten this woman the receptionist tries to connect me to to pick up the phone once
I used to like dealing with freedom, but they have literally the worst customer support I have ever seen in my entire life. Never buying from them once (if?) I ever get this $530 of ammo, even though they really didn't so anything wrong to begin with
File: 1457569356312.jpg (272 KB, 620x4520)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
No, my fursona is actually an otter, but I have a thing for foxes because I am unoriginal furry trash, and Nick Wilde is so fucking hot you don't even know.
File: 1432692338737.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1371)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Today I found out I have something -else- in common with the rest of this board.

Hang in there anons.
OP: Hey guys what to get my dad for fathers' day?

/k/: what the fuck is a dad and what does it chamber?
>Dad Day Deals

More like Dad Day feels, amirite guys?
File: 1450762801518.jpg (36 KB, 300x354)
36 KB
>what the fuck is a dad and what does it chamber
nothing cause it's not there
File: 1450475767876.jpg (68 KB, 600x560)
68 KB
Fuck man
File: 1461987775260.png (304 KB, 397x473)
304 KB
304 KB PNG

dude what the fuck
nothing wrong there, eurasian kids are god's photoshop.

Here's a funny scenario:
>I'm white, mrs is chinese (2nd gen, praise the /k/ube. So none of the materialistic bullshit)
>eurasian kids looks usually favour one side VERY heavily
>the mrs family are genetically predisposedor something to having twins for some reason (must've made for awkward moments under the 1 child policy)
So, what happens if some day we have twins, and one looks very white while the other looks very asian?
File: 1464824383265.jpg (43 KB, 528x705)
43 KB
Why do so many of you come from broken families? I always thought it was a rare occurrence.

>that scene where kid Nick picks up the stamp and freaks the lemming bankers out
>rhino security guard comes in and manhandles him
>Nick's dad is powerless to do anything to stop him because he's just a little fox and the security guard is a fucking rhino

That was seriously fucked up

>"Dad! DAAAAAAAD!!!"

every time
>So, what happens if some day we have twins, and one looks very white while the other looks very asian?
they get called racist and suspended from school for claiming to be twins
File: 1446493122660.jpg (57 KB, 351x351)
57 KB
Who the hell keeps making books like this?
File: 1459823387555.webm (2.68 MB, 1266x530)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB WEBM

Here you go anons

Happy father's day!
god damn

It's even darker when you realize whatever happened after this scene involved Nick's dad either dying or going to jail for life

That's how it was in the original script
There are possibly 4 generations of broken homes starting from the late 70's
File: fuck.png (346 KB, 512x512)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
no happy divorce, underagedfag.
File: 1451432934748.gif (410 KB, 221x196)
410 KB
410 KB GIF
>Be 22
>Parents on the verge of dicvorcing
>See OP's pic
>Gives me much more new fears I never expected
>Realize my brother and his son in same situation

Is it a rare occurrence?

I'm 18 years old and none of my friends have parents who are together. My parents aren't together. The parents of the girl I like aren't together. All of my cousins have parents who aren't together. My grandparents aren't together.

I really like a girl but I am sad that we will probably divorce if she winds up being my wife.
File: 0OS0UpA.gif (47 KB, 306x469)
47 KB
>Parents divorced when I was 8 years old.
>Never understood it until I was 12-13.
>Hit me like a 20 ton hammer.
>Sunk into a deep depression.
>Depression affected my grades severely.
>Eventually my teachers took notice and suggested that I get sent to a mental hospital.
>My mother, already broken and emotional, agrees.
>Spend 2 months in the looney bin.
>Fast foward to Highschool.
>Socially awkward, never had friends, never had a girlfriend.
>Teachers notice my antisocial behaivor and schedule a meeting.
>Mental hospital again.
>Come back, only to find out that one of the teachers ran her mouth to one of her periods about me going to the mental hospital and the news spread through out the school.
>Got called a loon, nut job, and phsyco.
>Dropped out.
>Cant join the army like I wanted to since I was a kid, cant get a job because no highschool diploma.
>I look at my siblings who are older than me and see how they have such a future ahead of them.
>I know that my dad and mom are both disappointed in me.
And here I am, 23 years old, severely depressed, and on the verge of suicide.
Jesus anon
sounds more retarded than someone with downs licking potato-flavoured windows, but the way things are going I can see that happening
Melissa Higgins, most of her books are about bullying.

>I'm 18
much of the rest of your post points towards that being bullshit.
And snakes. A lot of her books are about snakes.
What state you in senpai? I never had a father and my mother saw us as setbacks our entire life shed remind us how she'd be far happier if we were never born. Ill be your friend anon.

>Acquire GED
>Become rock washer
>Want to kill yourdesl more/feel accomplished
You're saying that being 18 doesn't correlate to knowing people/being someone with separated parents?
>Be 12
>parents divorce
>mom gets custody
>continue to have dad in my life
>sometimes my parents still find ways to fight, but it never really means anything
>glad I didn't wind up with dad, a bit too pushy on the Christian stuff
>still glad he's around though
>my sister and I become respectable, contributing members of society

Turns out that if neither of your parents are shitbags, divorce is a pretty negligible process.

Also, 2 Christmases.
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 500x484)
31 KB
>be me
>like 10
>dad just moved me, my bro, and mom to CA for a job
>Mom has all her family on east coast
>parent divorce like a year after move
>have to go to "counseling"
>the whole thing was this really odd guy trying to figure out who's a better parent for me to live with
>tell my dad about it
>my dad drills me on exactly what to say, I agree because I'm 10 and he says its for the best, so I do
>I end up living with my dad of course and my mom gets like 6 days a month because of what I said
>my dad was actually the bad parent
>basically lied about everything related to my mom to turn me against her
>my dad cycles through crazy bitch girlfriends ever scince
>my mom cooks when I come over on weekends, super nice
> mom lived in a tiny ass apartment with a roommate for the past 8 years
>she's a bit of an alcoholic now
>my dad was actually the shitty parent the whole time
>Now my dads getting sued for a few different things, along with not paying for my moms child support
>tfw I was the lynchpin for fucking up the last 8 years of my moms life
Sorry mom, when I move out I'll visit you often.
Same for me, only they live about 2 blocks from each other.
Write a letter explaining that shit to "dad" and also half brother from said "dad", and then kill yourself, druggy scum

>be me
>mother starts beating me at 6 with wooden boards, belts, and fists along with verbal abuse
>goes on until I'm 13 when I threaten her to stop
>still verbal
>dad and I are super tight because of her abuse
>got me into funs and great vidya as a kid like Starcraft, Half-Life, Baldurs Gate, Alpha Centauri etc.
>be 14
>mom almost kills me by pushing me down the stairs
> parents are divorcing
>crushes me even though my mom abused me, she would sometimes do motherly stuff like play with me or cuddle when I was little
>she's a big part of the reason I troubles with women in my teens
>find out that my mom cheated on my dad when I was 4, stole money and caused great debt, all while blaming my father and I for everything
>know about the legal system that favors women
>mom has fabricated a bunch of stuff as ammunition towards my dad
>fall into serious depression
>grades are lower than ever, I was an A/B but that year C/D
>most friends stop talking to me when I try to tell them about my problems
>I view myself as scum and everything as a mistake
>night of planned suicide I try to call the hotline
>try for an hour and each time it's busy
>almost shoot myself with pops Glock Compact but decide to go to bed
>next day I find out the divorce terms, keep my dad and brothers along with the house and mom has to fug off to an apartment
>hell yes
>dad is looking for people on a dating website and finds a mom with a daughter that has the same interests as me
>dad sets me up
>qt 3.14 that likes vidya, funs, and debate
>she gives me a huge confidence boost
>tell my dad about everything, expecting him to be pissed
>he's super supportive and helps me get back on my feet
>tfw saved by a qt and my dad

I'm happily married with her today and my dad and I still talk regularly. I love my dad, I wouldn't be here without him.
Your Dad sounds like an awesome guy. Happy Father's Day Anon!
File: image.jpg (174 KB, 656x1024)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>mfw me and my dad don't even talk anymore
I didn't realize there were so many blacks on /k/
File: 1460300136802.jpg (11 KB, 184x184)
11 KB
>what to expect when your parents divorce

fuck I didn't expect that. Only texted my dad happy fathers day. I'm thinking of getting him an M1 Garand for father's day because I know he has never gotten anything good for father's day.
File: Garand.jpg (30 KB, 598x312)
30 KB
Do it, that's a sexy gun.
Thanks anon, you too tovarisch.
With all these broken families im surprised there hasn't been more mass shootings desu senpai
File: best friends.png (738 KB, 733x950)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
Anon, what you feel is freedom, not loneliness. You have the chance to literally do anything you fucking want with no one to get in your way or hold you back. You're gonna be great. Just don't get mixed up with drugs and drinking if you can help it.
File: 1457056111840.gif (91 KB, 320x320)
91 KB
Man I know that feel.
>Tfw every night they screamed at each other until midnight
>abused by all 4 of my parental figures
Shit son, I didn't realize Florida was secretly Quake.

jesus, is EVERYBODY's family here fucked up?

I know mine is too but wow
File: 1452573751313.jpg (46 KB, 437x501)
46 KB
why does father's day have to be so fucking depressing
Gotta carry that weight.
>Fathers day
>Father and mother are mentally ill IV drug users with Hep C
>They are constantly stoned out of their minds and acting utterly nuts at home
>No stability at home
>No money or food despite dads 100% VA rating cuz they blow it on heroin/cocaine
>I'm frequently hurt or shit because living in filthy dangerous environment
>Get molested by dad
>He smokes crack/heroin in front of me, blows smoke in my face
>Little sister(who my dad doesn't allow to wear clothes) drops 1lb dumbbell on my head from top of the stairs when I'm 8
>Don't remember much for a year
>Mom dumps dad for nigger coke dealer
>He acts nice for a little while
>Starts beating and choking me for No understandable reason
>Brutally beats me on Christmas day for shooting him with my nerf gun Christmas present
>Watch my mom comfort him over a tiny scratch on his cheek while I'm laying on the ground seeing stars and bleeding
>Christian parents use my biological father's mandated child support payments to buy drugs to sell
>Only time me and siblings get anything is if parents don't smoke/snort all the drugs they buy to resell, this is rare
>parents start feeding me drugs for fun when I'm 13
>this continues til I join the Army at 17
>Somehow think my parents love me due to Stockholm syndrome even after They steal all the money I earned in basic to buy a car
>I deploy to Iraq
>realize they are utter pieces of shit
>come home to an empty barracks room and nobody caring about me
>Start drinking heavy
>somehow forget how evil my family is
>Finish my enlistment
>unemployed back in home town
>Drinking very heavy
>Mother talks me out of a bunch of my deployment money
>Engineers situations where I'm dependant on them and they have direct access to my funds
>spend a year living in a derelict bedbug infested apartment addicted to drugs my mother gives me while she takes my money.
>have an epiphany and realize that my life is fucked
>Get off drugs
>Realize that my family are evil cucks
>Meet a girl
>Move across the country to be with girl
>Live with her and her family
>she loves me and they are normal people who have helped me repeatedly with no qualms about it
>Been drug and alcohol free for 17 months
>Going to school to be a diesel mechanic
>Things are going good and I'm turning into a normal person
>Haven't talked to my shitty family in over a year
>don't want to ever have any contact with family again

my shitty life has made me vehemently against alimony, child support, and any kind of welfare program in general. I know people feel good about helping the disadvantaged but from what I've seen the "disadvantaged" are usually pieces of shit who are only unemployed or "disabled" because they are lazy drug addicts who would rather hurt themselves and other people than contribute a fucking thing to society.
fuck me

Honesty anon it takes balls to write this shit. Just the fact that now you can talk about it means a lot.

I hope you get better and your life becomes something meaningful
Thanks man, writing that stuff makes my chest hurt and I was afraid people would think I'm making shit up for attention.

I don't know what exactly my life has in store but I know I will complete my diesel mechanic program and make a good living in my trade.

My life was very violent and hard but I never developed any abusive or predatory tendancies, I feel blessed for that.
Thanks for sharing, keep going on the path you're on now and you'll do great. Good luck bro.
What the shit?

Literally how do people like this exist

and why do they have kids

fuck this fucked world
Divorces can end ok
>divorced at 3
>dad cheats, currently on wife 6
>grow up on child support
>see dad 2-3 times a year
>start norrmie sports
>mother remarries decent guy
>get gud at fb
>dad cares more now cause sports relevent to him
>highschool happens
>mother and stepfather well off now cause changed jobs
>go to military academy cause fb
>more relevance cause he was a marine
>commission, so good
>go shoot/buy guns this weekend
Not being able to see the point of marrige or relationships is about only possible issue, but thats half of 4chan anyway
I think it's because they find the welfare and stuff they get for having kids worth having a kids life ruined.
You don't need anyone's permission to have a kid, basically.
Pretty sure he knows drugs are degenerate. Are you being arrogant because your life was better or you coped in a different way or is this attitude from the same source that caused him to be a junkie for awhile.
File: 1454134863700.jpg (164 KB, 1076x1306)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Ah, I remember when there was a really good screaming match I'd see the cat running from room to room in confusion.
>not making your kids 5 times more socially retarded than you ever were
>my shitty life has made me vehemently against alimony, child support, and any kind of welfare program in general. I know people feel good about helping the disadvantaged but from what I've seen the "disadvantaged" are usually pieces of shit who are only unemployed or "disabled" because they are lazy drug addicts who would rather hurt themselves and other people than contribute a fucking thing to society.
>Implying No Child isn't a bush thing
How soon they forget
Damn, guess I'm one of the few normies on 4chan.
She has dedicated her life to writing books for unfortunate children with broken homes and families. What the fuck am I doing with my life? What is my purpose? What good am I doing in the world? Fuck anons
She also writes books for children explaining why bullying is not okay and how it's okay that people aren't all the same.

And also books about prehistoric animals and snakes and shit.

Basically shes a way better person than you.
Picked up a new Henry 357 lever action for 400 today.
Yeah anon you are right......fuck.
Don't worry, there's still time for you to do better! It's never too late for you to help people.
File: image_27.jpg (63 KB, 450x562)
63 KB
Like how though anon? Sure the local soup kitchen and helping the needy individually is great and all, but am I ever going to make a real difference and change someone's life? How can I compare to someone lime her?

we live in a sad world that needs these books
File: 1419276179269.jpg (40 KB, 722x349)
40 KB
>Slow death, refuses treatment
>Trying to get through Highschool

>Outlives doctor's expectations
>Sudden death any second
>Several close calls
>Struggling to get through University

>Outlived his brother / my uncle
>Panic attack with his every minor complaint which could possibly indicate it's finally happening
>Trying to get my own life off the ground

>He's in the other room right now
>Check on him every night at 1 AM
>Sitting on 4chan because I can't sleep

Shit I'm trying not to think about OP
Thanks for nothing

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