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File: 1468756979661.jpg (154 KB, 764x1024)
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>The subject then turned to a pair of upcoming titles based on animated smashes: Frozen and Zootopia. “To make a comic based on such a successful movie is really daunting,” Santillo said. “But artists get to be a part of the Frozen world, of the Zootopia world, and get to expand those worlds. It can go much more in-depth in the characters’ daily life.”

>Art was shown from the forthcoming Zootopia comic book series, and it really looks like they’re pushing things stylistically, with super-creative page layouts and panel configurations. “Because it’s a city, and a unique universe, you can go up and down, and move in any direction,” Santillo said. “We are exploring a brand new world. It’s a real universe. Layouts could be very fascinating and the color treatment could be really interesting and a new interpretation of the original style.” It shows–these pages looked beautiful.

Are you ready to overdose on Zootopia hype again? Potentially on a recurring basis?
I'd be genuinely interested if I knew it wasn't just going to be a retread of the film in comic form.
They did say "it can go much more in-depth in the characters' daily life," which implies this isn't just a retread of the movie.

We know that a graphic novelization of the movie is coming (it might just be an english language version of the one that's already out there) and a prequel / midquel comic of some kind, but the implication here seems to be that they've got bigger plans than just a retelling of the movie, potentially a full-on continuation.

I would love to have some kind of series that bridges the gap between Zootopia and its sequel. Either a comic, or a TV show. I have a feeling that a comic will have a much easier path towards pleasing the fans though, just because it doesn't have to be compared directly with the movie's animation and voice acting. Comics are a totally different medium than movies and TV, after all.
File: Rarest Nick.jpg (478 KB, 1701x1272)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
I just want some brotastic buddy cop adventures.
Definitely agree, after seeing some of that Kung Fu Panda show where the quality drop in every aspect was pretty bad.

The downside with comic format is that they are more stressful to read/less passive form of entertainment, so you can't really sit and binge watch it while eating like you can with a show.
File: 4vc1qsppK1ub6sn2o1_1280.jpg (533 KB, 1280x1150)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Yeah, I get that. Just holding the pages open makes it a more active process than watching a show, even though they're a lot less stressful than other forms of media. Not to mention they're a smaller audience, which means they might come with more embargos from Disney in regards to what they're allowed to do in the comic.

There are pros and cons to both mediums. I would be down for either, although I hope that if they do a TV show they design it around the limitations of TV rather than trying to emulate the movie's look in poorer quality. The character designs look great in 2D so hopefully that's the direction they'd go in.
Shit. I forgot, the Frozen comic series started yesterday.
So the Frozen comic is in fact a series then? This further points to the Zootopia comic being planned as a series.

I demand to know the names of the writers and artists,this is the most important thing.

And don't get me wrong but they should base the stories SOLELY on the movie and go from there.

Not a single peek at anything what was before.
File: 4358245892569.gif (1.48 MB, 250x286)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
You wouldn't read a comic about Judy's life during police academy?

>based on 2 minutes of the movie
>doesn't contradict canon

oh fuck yes
First there's a graphic novel adaptation, later we may get the new stories.
I would really go for Blue Furs style procedural.
Filmore proved it is possible to have a PG cop show.
>zootopia meets police academy
>zootopia meets police squad

Just think of the puns!
Jesus christ, Disney's really finding the best ways to milk the Zootopia so furries can continue to shill out their money to them. Not to mention by fueling the fire by developing more to come. At least Robin Hood wasn't completely blatantly catering furries.

This. Would read.

Zootopia was a lost case, irrelevant talking animal movie,nearly destroyed by its creators, finally can show its true potential as new creative universe and you're butthurt over it??
They just saw fur and wanted to complain, there is no point in trying to reason with them.

I suck at avoiding baits,damn.
and I did IT again, double damn.
source of image?

What Frozen comics could be about? There's nothing there but snow!
You could literally just do every cop and noir plot line as episodes, issues, so on and so forth. Just soften them up for all ages.

HELL just have one issue/episode that's just a stakeout story.
File: 60497872'0478677386.jpg (869 KB, 1938x2586)
869 KB
869 KB JPG

ah,.. they could reference classic tv shows.

man can dream, can i?
File: CohyAAfVYAUo7kz.jpg (94 KB, 800x665)
94 KB
i knoew i saw these on taoboa before..
Are you trolling or are you genuinely stupid? Zootopia is the most under-merchandised Disney film in years. You can't even get standees of the characters, the poster variety is crap, few toys, etc cetera. It's a setting that could use some more exploration, a co. If may be perfect for that.
You can also devote a whole issue to a minor he character so they get some development. Gideon Gray, Duke Weaselton, Gazelle, etc.
File: scared.png (204 KB, 500x400)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Holy shit

A Zootopia thread on /co/?

And it wasn't immediately fucking deleted by Nazi janitors and mods?

Is... is it safe?
File: funny coincidence.png (369 KB, 776x317)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
>It's a setting that could use some more exploration
This. Just saw the movie for the first time on Wednesday, and the city itself was by far my favorite part. I really want to see more of these districts, species specific businesses, and how everyone interacts with each other.

yes , as long as you wont repost any of these months old memes , and bring something new to the table.


i think he was a little of both.
>people only see the racism message and the sexism against women message but never the sexism goes both ways message

A shame. the whole predator thing was also a pretty obvious representation of men once you realize it.
File: ocelot_03.jpg (159 KB, 710x408)
159 KB
159 KB JPG

uhhh... what?
People always talk about the message of the movie, and about how its about racism, or in the case of judy, sexism. like shes supposed to represent people having low standards for her because shes a woman, ect.

But what gets ignored is also the message of sexism towards men, assumed violent, ect.

The movie has a lot of messages about bigotry but that one gets overlooked and its sad because theres not enough of that out there.

yeah.. i think i know what you mean.
The skunk lady is hot.
I have such a huge mental boner for awkward public situations, and discrimination, and all that business.

Wish I knew what to search to find more comics like this.

did you know they need Skunk Parades in Zootopia?!

I mean, isn't this a bit... spieceist?

>porcupine punks.

wait.. that's also wrong!

i think this is what you call "doujin"

unrelated comic based on existing property, never considered canon.
more of that raccoon. shes hella cute.
Is this from an official comic? It sure looks like it.


yeah no, it's japanese doujin,they have weird copyrights

>wilde times

it's definately NOT canon

did gideon had a therapy?
in weselton nothing more but a crook?
how did gazelle met her tigers?
I want to know how to obtain these comics!
File: moana-crew.jpg (128 KB, 506x360)
128 KB
128 KB JPG

i want to know where and when.
here's one the artist that is working on the comic

>here's one the artist
that is some really nice art
Use some apostrophes.
Where am I supposed to find greek gods at this time of day?
Maybe some figures, but it says those particular ones aren't out until next month.

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