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First, choose a controversial issue in the world.

Got it?

Now make a cartoon that tells that issue thru allegory. What did you get?
Muslim immigrants? That's the Angry Birds movie.
Some goats live next to a golf course inhabited by some birds. The birds try to build a fence to prevent the goats from ruining the course but face opposition
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>Rich bitch stereotype.
>Delve into her soft side.
>You get Northwest Mansion Mystery
>Smol Paz is shipped to oblivion with Pine Tree by the whole fanbase.
>Redemption goes nowhere, disappointing numerous people, myself included.
>Annie Award for solid writing, which is fantastic for a reformed Alpha Bitch.

Amazing Gravity Falls episode all around, despite the remainder of S2 being kind of rushed.

>Now make a cartoon that tells that issue thru allegory. What did you get?

A hot furry movie with tons of wank material?
Hell yeah. I can think of no better way to teach us.
Space Jam
Religious institutions protecting pedophiles from prosecution.
Gay marriage
Character wants to build a lemonade stand. Bully kid comes by and picks on him constantly for being less than perfect with their stand. Half the episode is the kid running around trying to meet all his demands lest he gets beat up.

I'm confused.

Are you asking for EXAMPLES or do you want me to create one?

Because I can tell you I have loads of brilliant ideas.
File: animal.jpg (9 KB, 259x195)
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SJW, Tumblr Style
>After oppression, decide to fight it
>For awhile, all was well
>Start using opponents tactics
>become just as bad, if not worse

Then I remembered, they did make this movie.
Create a cartoon.

Let's see those ideas.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (152 KB, 1578x888)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Immigration and the stability of the western world.
Angry Birds the movie

>Nature vs Nurture

A story revolving around an adroid that can heal all diseases. She was created by an artificial intelligence basically going all Martin Shkreli and at least hoping to mock humanity.

She is rescued by a nature-worshipping cult who wants to intergalatic civilisation through the magic of the wilds. She is let go and goes on a journey to discover herself, all the while the cultists overrun civilisation and cause the deaths of thousands of inoccent people, while the artificial intelligence goes all Second Renaissance.

But the villains have reasonable motivations for being mass murderers. In the end it's only through reconciliation that the conflict is ended.

Plot-twist she is trans and transitions to male at the end. It's part of his self-discovery.

>Religious extremism

A multiverse where all suffering steams from a wheel producing dark energy. This results in a holy paladin setting on a crusade to destroy this wheel and set everything to paradise mode.

Problem is, no one is exactly sure what will happen. So a team of scientists, who want to study and understand the wheel, are out to stop him and his theocratic faction.

No one is overtly evil, but there's lots of action scenes.

>Ethnical cleansing

An evil anthropomorphic stag with holy powers sets out to comit genocide on a tribe because he desires to install peace, and sees nations and cultures as dividing the people.

Lots of musical numbers (especially a metal villain song about how the ends justify the means) and side kicks
So I can't think of a cartoon for it, but someone make a cartoon allegory about people who hang the GODDAMN TOILET PAPER THE WRONG FUCKING DIRECTION!
ok, I'll give it a try

>people who kill for peace

Ok, so a kid is playing a game with all of his buddies. A bunch notice that the game gets a bit rough, and angry, so they agree to not let some people play. At first, they get rid of the overt cheater, who make the game harder to play. Then they chase off the star athlete and the retard, who are no fun to play with.

Coincidentally, this leaves one side larger than the other, so they start eliminating the better players on the other team, so it's more fun for them, until there's no one left on the other team. Now they're just kicking the ball around.

One kid complains, and they kick him out. Two more leave in protest. There are three kids left. One meekly suggests they let people back in, and he's yelled at by his two friends. With only the two of them left, they start to fight about what to do now, and one runs off.

The kid, who has the field and the ball to himself runs around to his hearts delight. No one does better than him, and no one stops him from scoring.

He stops kicking the ball after a time, and just sits there. However calm and peaceful the field is now, there's no one left to play with, and he's all alone.

Everyone went to another field, where he goes then, and despite all the fighting and challenge, they still get to play.
That second one sounds pretty cool.

Did you plan out a result for destroying this wheel or is it left ambiguous?

Ambiguous. There's an "evil" scientist lady who uses multiversal adaptors to send information about the wheel to billions of laboratories across the multiverse, which forge countless copies made of various materials.

The priginal wheel is destroyed by the paladin, but it doesn't matter because at least one of the new wheels is taking it's role.

Sounds great for a short

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