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File: fd vs zoo.jpg (436 KB, 2500x1000)
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which one is better?

I loved both of them honestly
zootopia changed my life, unless Dory can do that it's probably the former

Wow your life must be pretty shit if a generic family friendly buddy cop film but with animals changed your life.
ya, it is

What, did it make you a furry or something?

Seriously, how the fuck did Zootopia change your life? I loved it but shit anon that's a heavy statement.
Finding dory was nice but my vote has to go to zootopia. It was just more...creative? Captivating?
I don't know. I still don't really understand what happened. I guess I just feel a lot more at home in the modern world. It's like all the hatred I had for it melted away
Finding Dory is just basically doing the same plot as the first, it's a pretty fucking lazy sequel
no it wasn't, they spend most of their time in marine institute and building up clues to her parents
Zootopia felt more refreshing with the themes overall and I think the animation felt more spectacular with much grander scale and more variety of character movements. Finding Dory's animation felt only improved slightly because the original still awesome til this day.

Now for the plot, Zootopia had strong beginning which introduced us with the world and its characters. But somehow I felt between the middle and final act a slightly weaker because it became a tad formulaic in structure, but of course the character's chemistry really made up for it. The twist reveal could be a little better. Finding Dory on the other hand, felt more interesting I guess? I really like how they teased clue by clue until it revealed in the end with neat twist and turn. The last act felt more like an addition even though it was really entertaining, reminds me of the wackiness of Dreamworks rather than Pixar

But still, I give it props to Zootopia overall

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