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So I just watched this movie. Actually chuckled when the elephants started building the dam. Didn't expect that to happen instead of rainfall.

What did /co/ think of this again?
I thought it was ok.
The designs were great.
Fucking awesome. Saw it Tuesday and I'm still not over it. The version of Bare Necessities used in the trailer is so good
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I liked it a lot.

Mowgli was a little mumbley at times but pretty damn good for (I think?) a first time child actor. Especially considering he was basically acting against thin air the whole time I assume.

All the voice casting choices were top notch to me, even if it was a little strange hearing Chief Bogo as Shere Khan. The animals all looked amazing.

Bagheera was super cute, and now I want a black cat with piercing green eyes.

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