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and roll a fat one, homie
Welp, Zootopia confirmed for the new MLP. Hiro, please give them a containment board.
>preds are black
The movie is about prejudice in general, they specifically went out of their way to not have any species represent a particular ethnicity. These people forget that this film is released internationally, and every country has their own history and prejudices.
Not this shit again
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As a black man this movie hit me where I live.

>you're a real articulate fella!
>Oh, don't be silly! You're not like them!
>My pet name for a girlfriend that I had was Bunny
>I actually know a guy that's essentially like Nick, tho he stays on that hustleman lifestyle, nothing serious like drugs, just bootlegging and selling things without an official license.
File: 1409715009676.png (260 KB, 352x315)
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>Only bunnies can call other bunnies cute
>I'm not just a token bunny
>Don't touch her hair
I can argue for Judy being black, but that wouldn't fit into the American black/white prejudice narrative even though she exhibits some tropes from Black American culture. I'm not saying that you can't relate or draw a parallel between the movie and American history, that's certainly possible, but that's not the intent of the movie. In fact, it's only possible to do so because the movie does such a good job at representing the core of prejudice, which is behavior born from fear and ignorance.

It does this so well that you could insert it for any minority vs majority; ethnic, religious, political or otherwise.
This. It doesn't translate 1:1 to race.

Judy's whole struggle with becoming a cop, because her kind is naturally much smaller and weaker (and seen as harmless and cute), is way closer to sexism than racism.
Applicability > Allegory. Unlike say, Blomkamp, Disney understood this.

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