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You're under arrest
Tell her I'm eating.
>furry cosplays have started

File: horrible.png (100 KB, 200x250)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
File: 1411446754477.jpg (119 KB, 768x1024)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>But officer, they were on fire, I just helped them with my fire axe.

This is now a /co/splay and /co/stumes thread.

Isn't Judy's vest supposed to be kevlar?
Judy is ticketing officer. Hers just regular vest, or stab proof one.
>belt is half undone
>is playing with her hair instead of having her hands at the ready
>that non regulation corset on over her god damn police uniform
>her clothes are clearly too small and would constrict her movement when pursuing a culprit
her butt is insane.

someone post
>her ears and her wig don't match
>her hair is super long when Judy would obvs have a short cut or at least have it pulled into a bun because officer on duty
>that cheap ass corset
>that ill fitting belt

This cosplay is shit. Pretty good for a Halloween costume though.
But I haven't done anything!
File: 1448531498184.jpg (59 KB, 960x544)
59 KB
You don't have any handcuffs. Maybe you should just hold my hand for now.
The fuck do you think this is, the UK? Major American cities have cops with bullet-resistant vests.

I would like to see this.
File: 1460015221204.gif (563 KB, 273x154)
563 KB
563 KB GIF

Can you at least let me finish masturbating to you

I mean your fucking hot
Is the future full of re-purposed playboy bunny costumes?
Who is this semen demon?
>fur in ears doesn't match wig
Why do cosplayers do this?
File: 12312312323123.gif (2.47 MB, 200x200)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
Who is this semen demon?
Who is this erection confection?
Who is this sperm worm?
Who is this boner toner?
Who is this spunk monk?
Who is this cock dock?
Who is this erection ejection?
Who is this dick tick?
Who is this cum plum?
Who is this seed steed?
Who is this prick chick?
Who is this cock stock?
Who is this seminal sentinel?
Who is this phallus chalice?
Who is this anus ignoramus?
Who is this smegma enigma?
Who is this beef curtain hurtin?
Who is this cunt runt?
Who is this jism prison?
Who is this ballbiting ballerina?
Who is this dongle mongle?
Who is this penis machinist?
Who is this chin chin bin?
Who is this scrotum sorceress?
Who is this wiener cleaner?
Who is this pole populator?
Who is this stiffy stimulator?
Who is this pillar pimper?
Who is this column culminator?
Who is this testicle tamer?
Who is this sperm specialist?
Who is this glans gladiator?
Who is this frenulum fractionizer?
Who is this foreskin fornicator?
Who is this penile private?
Who is this smut sergeant?
Who is this cock captain?
Who is this orifice officer?
Who is this rear admiral?
Who is this cummander?
Who is this lewd lieutenant?
Who is this meat major?
Who is this cunt colonel?
Who is this wiener witch?
Who is this phallus phalanx?
Who is this cock commandant?
Who is this dong deity?
Who is this seminal fluid druid?
Who is this jizz wiz?
Who is this benis burglar?
Who is this wang waxer?
Who is this schlong sentinel?
Who is this dick dastard?
Who is this jizz jezebel?
Who is this cock cream captivator?
Who is this man milk mephistopheles?
Who is this smegma smuggler?
Who is this cum connoisseur?
Who is this semen sommelier?
Who is this urethra barista?
Who is this scrotum totem?
Who is this juice moose?
Who is this solution confucian?
Who is this stiffen vixen?
Who is this slobber macabre?
Who is this masturbation invitation?
Who is this ejaculate immaculate?
Who is this broth goth?
Who is this stain jane?
Who is this penis venus?
Who is this mattress actress?
I feel like you could have reverse image searched the pic faster than it took you to find that copy pasta.
You sick fuck! What the fuck?!
NANI? But I didn't do anything
File: robertcop.jpg (195 KB, 728x409)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Dead or alive your coming with me
File: asd.png (643 KB, 470x591)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
posting velma

Annie Griffin
File: CANTSTOPTHEHOP.jpg (540 KB, 1066x1600)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
>no buck teeth
We NEED a "my feet hurt" edit of this
ahhh the feet guy. still around
It doesn't look right.
>human face
not cute
You're under arrest for bestiality.
Gotdamn. Her ass is amazing.
faggot zoophile
She had her vest way before she was assigned to tickets, so it could be kevlar
because you had sex with a bunny cop
try to report me for rape, nobody will believe you.

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