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Here's a discussion we haven't had yet about Zootopia

Of these two ways of kickstarting Nick & Judy's relationship, which is/would have been superior? Mutual dependence or coercion?
What was the original plot of the film supposed to be? I've heard a lot of vague rumblings about it, but I never heard completely what it was.
we don't know completely what it was, but we know the basic strokes.

Zootopia is a place with an oppresive view towards predators. All preds must wear shock collars and all times. Collars that will, duh, shock them if they get too "aggressive". Nick, some how, has found a way to take them off, or disable them on other animals at least for a while and creates a predator theme park where they can act out various "aggressive" urges and such.

Somewhere along the line Nick gets caught or framed for a crime and goes on the run and is persued by Judy Hopps, police officer and firm believer in Zootopia's "Better dead then pred" policy. Over the course of the adventure Judy comes to believe Nick is innocent/Predators shouldn't be oppressed, and they work together to save Zootopia and free the Predators.

This plot was eventually dumped because pixar and WDAS writers didn't really feel like Nick should want to save the city. It's a shithole for him basically. They would rather he run away from the city, possibly with Judy in tow.

The themes were lightened but still the narrative didn't really work, but when they made Judy the main character things worked out better, you wanted to go to Zootopia, you wanted to see it and you could feel more of an impact with it not being a utopia. Nick's side didn't work because he already hates the city, so there would be no emotional impact of his world view being reinforced.
No idea, someone compiled a theory infograph that was decent but was noted of having left out some concept art

Personally, I think the forced to work together scenario of the original would have lent more to character development than Judy forcing Nick to help her
Zootopia was an edgy distopian society where Prey dominate predators, who wear collars.

Judy was more of a bitch in this draft, and Nick was more of the main character. People working on this project realized the characters would rather leave Zootopia instead of fixing it, so they re-imagined the idea, and made it more morally grey.
Define both
Mutual and coercion

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