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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

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>year 2020
>zootopia 2 is released for theaters
>mothers and fathers everywhere take their children to see the movie
>opening day, theaters are packed with people
>90% of the crowd is dressed in hand made fox and bunny furry suits that look terrifyingly horrible, like they were paid for by drudging thousands of hours in the uncanny valley
>somehow the rancid body odor penetrates the thick fur suits
>the few parents courageous enough to brave the crowd of NEET furries scuffle through the masses to their seats
>the movie starts with the voice of Judy Hopps recapping the events of last movie
>it then pans to a shot of her and Nick Wilde holding hands
>the crowd collectively excitably chuckles, like a small child unwrapping a new minecraft Lego set
>halfway through the movie the parents realize they cannot escape with their children
>the smell gradually fills the theater room
>a major climax in the movie, Nick must save Judy from a sinister predatory crime overlord, who has gone savage, and after Judy and Nick manage to trap him in a pit, Judy accidentally falls in, but manages to grab a tree branch before falling completely in
>as he reaches out, Nick says "I love you, Judy" the crowd collectively loses their shit, all of them standing up suddenly to cheer and yell at the screen
>at least 3 children have heart attacks and die immediately from both the immense shock and the smell finally dealing a crippling blow to their respiratory system
>"I love you too, Nick"
>the floor is instantly caked with molten shit and jizz, literally stripping layers away from the fur suits, creating an extremely matted mess of fake fur and shit-jizz
File: 5432647.jpg (38 KB, 600x800)
38 KB
>the remaining children are already crying deeply, with their parents desperately protecting them from the savage furries now collectively chimping out in the theater
>the distant wailing finally attracts the attention of theater security, who discover the horrifying sight
>a rescue is attempted, managing to save some of the normal civilians, before security and local police/firefighters resolve to incinerate the theater as a form of damage control
>numerous theaters around the globe develop a scorched earth policy, burning down every theater currently showing the move, costing millions in damages
>laws are written by congress, requiring all furries to register and wear badges to avoid any further tragedies
OP was not a faggot today and may have predicted the future
>fast forward
>the year is 2025, most of the furry movement has died down, and no knew furries have been reported
>most of the old generation either killed themselves or denounced their old ways and sought rehabilitation
>it is the anniversary of what is now known as the "FursonaCaust"
>Disney/Pixar prepares to make a statement
>"we are deeply mournful of the tragedy that occurred five years ago today, and we hope that nothing similar happens in the future. However, we are glad to announce Zootopia 3 is being released next month!"
>craft stores everywhere are signalling red flag to the National Association of Furry Prevention, reporting large amounts of orange fur-synthetics are being purchased by fat greasy men
>theaters everywhere prepare for the inevitable
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